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Competence and experience

The name GEDA has stood for competence, reliability and quality for 80 years. This is also reflected in the products of the traditional Bavarian company GEDA.

The extensive range includes passenger lifts, smaller construction hoists and work platforms. Various load handling devices and variants of the products are available as temporary and permanent solutions.
In our online shop you will find the most common systems as well as accessories and spare parts for GEDA products.

Product worlds and areas of application

No matter what purpose you are looking for an elevator in the construction sector, our online shop from Escher Schalungsartikel GmbH offers you almost everything for every application. Starting with temporary GEDA inclined lifts for roofers, solar builders or moving companies, to rack and pinion lifts for scaffolding workers, bricklayers and other uses on scaffolding, to private use as a GEDA slope lift or GEDA beer lift. Our range also includes cable lifts for all types of material transport on your construction site.

Innovation: The GEDA BatteryLadderLift - now available online here.

Whether tiler, painter, window fitter, carpenter, moving company, do-it-yourselfer or, or, or ... - the GEDA AkkuLeiterLIFT is the ideal transport aid for all materials that need to be transported safely and quickly upstairs.

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